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(Libera At-Home Concerts: A Guideline) 
(Signs of Spring) 
(Pre-Tour Countdown) 



For those unfamiliar with the Libera cycle, this has generally been a quiet time of year for the group, at least for online followers—post-holiday, post-touring season, a time for the singers to re-group, learn new material, and perhaps do some special projects or recordings (the last all-new CD was 2011's The Christmas Album). Occasionally fans have been surprised with a new music video or two in the months before the spring tour (which in 2013 was scheduled for April in Taiwan and Korea). Welcome to a new year in Libera-land.

The first entry of 2013 is actually a look back at 2012, posted on January 5th by Yuki, creator of the Dear Liberafansite and an enthusiastic follower of the group in the global sense  she's attended almost every Libera concert in the past few years, including all foreign tours. This video is a lively record of all 2012 tours (with the exception of a single concert in Arundel Cathedral in May). 2012 by Yuki/post-concert and meet-&-greets/candid photos)

Yuki post-concert with Libera tenor Stefan Leadbeater


Boys hauling luggage on arrival in Japan
Barney Lindsell's face is lit up by a videographer's camera during a post-concert 
meet-&-greet in Singapore.  Cassius O' Connell-White is on the right.

On January 10th, Libera announced the seventh concert date of their spring tour to Taiwan

and Korea, at St. John's Catholic Cathedral in Bundang, Korea. The itinerary as of this date
was (thanks to the Mini-Angels site for maps):

April 2nd and 3rd 
Taipei, Taiwan
National Concert Hall

April 6th, 2013
HsinChu, Taiwan
HsinChu  Performing Arts Center 

Giant Libera concert poster outside of a Taiwan bookstore (Photo by Artemis Art) 

April 7th, 2013
Kaohsiung Taiwan Dadong Arts Center
Kaohsiung  Dadong Arts Center

April 9th, 2013
Taichung, Taiwan
Taichung ZhongXin Hall

Friday, April 12th
Bundang, South Korea
St John's Catholic Cathedral 

St John's Catholic Cathedral, Bundang, described as the largest church building in Asia

Saturday, April 13th
Seoul, South Korea,
Sejong Center

NOTED : An article in the London Daily Telegraph online reported that boys' voices in general
 at this  time seemed to  be changing at an earlier age as compared to past decades.
Liam Connery 

One of the places that you can find the work of Libera alumni and older members of  the 
group) is on the popular SoundCloud music site. Here are three pieces by  Liam Connery
(2005-2012), which show a promising maturity (and, in the case of the 
exercise called  "Motif," considerable charm. )
Guildford Concert Announced 

Guildford Cathedral, Surrey

On January 24th, Libera Official announced an upcoming concert at Guildford 

Cathedral i n Surrey  ( not far  from London ), on  May 11th, 2013. May concerts had traditionally
been  held in the Arundel Cathedral,  and this was to  be the group's first performance at 
Guildford. (An amusing note: part of the 1976 horror movie The Omen,with Gregory Peck 
and Lee Remick, was filmed at Guildford  Cathedral.)


By early February, the poster for the Korean concerts had appeared.

Vast interior of  St. John's Catholic Cathedral, Bundang, S. Korea


On February 6th, three Libera boys (Jude Collins, Ben Fairman and Cassius O' Connell
-White) appeared in a 30-second video that was clearly aimed at the potential audience
for their  upcoming Taiwan concert series. Impressively, at least half the speech was in 

 greeting  in conjunction with 2013 spring tour to Taiwan, with  Jude Collins, Ben Fairman
 and Cassius O' Connell -White)

Libera on Non-Libera CDs 

French Libera enthusiast FanDeLoK has made a point of collecting information about all of the CDs and soundtrack recordings on which Libera tracks have appeared—128 as of 

March,  2013, not  counting  all-Libera CDs and  compilations, or even collaborations
with other artists. Some of these are fairly unbelievable. 

It was also discovered that three  early Libera recordings of  "Sacris Solemnis," "Angelis," and  
"Jubilate," had been included on a 2012  Olympics CD.

Libera Partners With iTunes 

In mid-February, LiberaOfficial posted the following message:

We have today set up a partnership with iTunes to deliver music downloads via our 
Web site. Click here to visit our online store. Select your store and if we have a 
partnership in your location you will see the iTunes download button. This can be 
used to purchase music by any artist, not just Libera - though we'd love you to
purchase ours of course!  


Spring Tour Promotional Video Video for April 2013 concerts in Taiwan and Korea

On February 27th, LiberaOfficial released a brief promotional video for the 2013 spring concert tour, featuring footage from the recent concert in St. George's Cathedral, interspersed 
with shots of the boys interacting informally, and a tantalizing glimpse of several of them in the  
recording studio, provoking rumors of a CD release this year. 

The new guard: Ben Fairman, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Tom Delgado-Little, and
 Isaac London in the recording studio.

An Interesting Similarity :

 Several people noted this resemblance: Top: Jaymi Bandtok, Angel Voices 1987.
 Bottom: Eoghan McCarthy, Libera, 2013.

On March 2nd, a Chinese-captioned and slightly different (it includes footage of 
Isaac London singing "Far Away") version of the spring tour promotional video appeared.

(Chinese-captioned promotional video for 2013 Taiwan tour)

In the captioning, it was mentioned that Libera would be singing a popular Chinese song
called  “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin,” meaning " The Moon Represents My Heart." A 
version of it is  sung i the  video below by Teresa Teng.
( Teresa Teng singing “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin”)

Also appearing on March 2nd was an all-new photo of eight boys, including brand-newbie Marc Alvares (signaling the end of his mini-boy probation period), and his big cousin Matthew Rangel-Alvares.  

The new look of Libera: Front row, L to R: Ben Fairman, Marc Alvares, Bertie Smart;
2nd row: Thomas Delgado-Little, Lucas Wood; Back row: Jude Collins, Matthew Jansen, Matthew Rangel-Alvares

On March 6th, a third Taiwan/Korea promotional video appeared, this time with Isaac London,Dylan Duffy, and Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey speaking what appears to be more-than-passable Korean.

(Promo for 2013 Korean concerts)

All three promos contain up-to-date footage from a late-2012 performance at St. George's 
Cathedral in London, and all three contain this vignette of three "mini-boys" in their first 
concert,  with  Marc  Alvares, Camden Stewart and an unidentified boy just a beat late into the fast
stage-right-facing turn in  "Orinoco   Flow."

At the same time, a charming series, soon dubbed the "Ice cream
photos,"  were released by Seoul Arts Management, Libera's Korean
concert promoters  (Full set  available on  blog here) .
Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Cassius O' Connell-White

Above and below: Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Cassius O' Connell-White, Matthew Madine, 
Michael  Menezes, Dylan Duffy

New Libera CD in the Works 

On March 8th,  some big news for Libera Fans emerged, with the publication  
on the  Seoul Arts  Management blog of a program-note-like greeting to the Korean audience 
(translation from Korean by Enyu):

Welcome to our Libera Concert!

We are so glad to be back in South Korea once again. Many years ago our very first international  
tour brought us here, to Seoul, and we have never forgotten the fantastic welcome we received.  
Indeed the enthusiasm and support was so encouraging that it gave us the confidence to travel  
more and more, and to take our music across the world. 

Although we are now quite accustomed to touring, there is always a great sense of excitement  
and anticipation as we begin a new season. Because Libera is a boys' choir, the members  
gradually change as the years go on, so there are always new boys on stage, and new singers  
inheriting the solos and harmony parts from the older boys. New young 'mini-boys' as we call  
them, come away from home for the first time—some of them travel on a plane for the first time.  
So nothing in a boys' choir stays the same for long. 

As if to underline this, on this tour we have, playing keyboards and working backstage, many of  
the boys who once used to stand up front in their white robes.

We are singing many often popular Libera songs including some of our very first compositions,  
like 'Sanctus', 'Libera' and 'Salva Me', alongside more recent pieces like 'Song of Life' and  
'Eternal Light'. You will also hear some new music, which is only just  
about to appear on an album. 

Music truly is an international language - it respects no boundaries, and may break free of its  
roots in one country and be welcomed in others. We are truly honoured that our Libera music  
and the Libera singers are able to cross the world, and we thank you for your help and support  
in making that possible.    


The Taiwanese Musik magazine for March has made Libera's visit the subject of a four-page  

cover story.

(Photos  courtesy of the Mini-Angels website)

The article includes information on all the Taiwan concerts, and a full-page ad for yet another
compilation CD—last year's " Ave Maria" double CD (here called the "Asia Tour Exclusive
Version") to be re-released mid-March for the Taiwan/Korea concert  tour. The cover appears 
to be a combination of pictures from The Christmas Album (2011)  and the 2007 New Dawn 
CD photos, and the song list seems to be the same as that of the CD version  released for the 
2012  Singapore/Japan tour. 

Song list:

Disc #1

1.   Air on the G String
2.   Ave Maria 
3.   Silent Night
4.   Far Away
5.   Ave Maria 
6.   Twilight
7.   Sing the Story
8.   Sanctissima
9.   Recordare
10. Mother of God
11. Jerusalem
12. Faithful Heart 
13. Sempiterna
14. Waltz of the Snowflakes from "The Nutcracker" (Libera-chorus version)
15. La Khalifa (Libera - chorus version)

Disc #2 - same as "Song of Life - A Collection" album (see Part 5)

1.   Salva Me
2.   Be Still My Soul
3.   Tallis's Canon
4.   Sanctus
5.   Song of Life
6.   Ave Verum
7.   You Were There
8.   Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)
9.   Voca Me
10. Adoro Te
11. Ave Virgo
12. I Am the Day
13. How Shall I Sing That Majesty
14. Abide With Me
15. Gloria
16. Panis Angelicus
17. I Vow To Thee My Country 

There are apparently two versions of "Ave Maria" on Disc #1. This may be explained by the fact that Robert Prizeman made two arrangements of the song (original credited to Giulio Caccini). One is for a spectacular solo voice, and was recorded by Steven Geraghty, now a Libera staff member, on the  Luminosa CD  in 2001, and by Tom Cully (in photo below)  for  New Dawn in 2008. The other arrangement is for two voices and  chorus, with the chorus featured much more prominently, to the point where they often seem like  two different songs. (Ave Maria [Caccini]/solo by Steven Geraghty/Luminosa CD/2001/4:27 (“Ave Maria” from New Dawn CD/2008/solo by Tom Cully) (“Ave Maria” from Angel Voices: Libera in Concert DVD/2007/solo 
by  Ed Day/second voice by Tom Cully)




Around March 15th, This newsclip about Libera's upcoming appearance in Taiwan appeared  on a TV station there, with the narration 
 backed by what appeared to be a new music video of  “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin/ The  Moon Represents my  Heart.”  It featured a charming solo ending by Michael Ustynovich-Repa (below). Only 12 of the 26 boys on the tour appeared onthis clip.

Libera fan Tully Bascome had this to say about the song (on the Libera Dreams Forum):    

Recently I've been  watching some Chinese movies which focus on the first half of the 20th century. To  me this particular  piece is similar to some of the popular Chinese music of that era. In fact it was written by a Taiwanese  artist in the 1970's and it was one of the first "outside" pieces allowed to become  popular on the  mainland in that era when China was just beginning to relax the tight cultural control of  the [Communist] party.“Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin/ The Moon Represents my
Heart”/ Music video accompanying TV news clip about Libera from Taiwan/solo by Michael 
Ustynovych Repa/3/15/2013) 



On March 17th, past, present and future members of Libera joined in a 50-voice choir at St. Philip's  Church, Norbury, for a fund- and spirit-raising service featuring the Requiem by W.A. 
Mozart.  In the photo of the program below, the column on the left is devoted to full members of 
Libera  (and  it seems that Alex Montoro, Camden Stewart, and Marc Alvares have been 
promoted to  that status). The group at top right consists of past  and recent members who
have gone on to  join the St. Philip's adult choir, and the "Juniors" translates to aspiring 

The last group was notable for the fact that it appeared to contain three little brothers or  

cousins of currently  performing  members: Gabriel Collins (Luke and Jude Collins); James 
Menezes (Michael  Menezes); and Mark Ustynovych-Repa (Michael  Ustynovych-Repa)

Interior of St. Philip's, detail of altarpiece (Photo by Johan) 

Johan, a loyal fan from the Netherlands, attended the concert/service ; below are his  

(selected) observations; thanks also to Johan for the program photos above. He also noted
that,  unusually, Robert Prizeman stood in front of the choir (which was arranged in a double 
half-circle) to conduct.

"The choir was indeed about 50 strong, but that includes the mini-boys, or juniors as they were called here. They sat in the front row in church and only joined the choir for the "Dies irae" and the "Sanctus." [Of those mentioned in the program, Josh Madine and  Andy Winter were  absent—Ed.]

"The performance was a collective effort of all participants and all deserve a great ’thank you,' 
but there are a few I want to mention especially. First there was Isaac London. I was so greatly 
impressed by his solo in "Tuba mirum," really great. In the same part also Steven Geraghty 
did a very good part as a countertenor. Steven and Isaac sounded very good together. Also
special commendations for Jude Collins and Thomas Delgado-Little in different parts. Jude
Collins was concentrated during the whole performance and did much better than I ever heard 
him before. Thomas Delgado-Little again, as we know from him, was rock steady in a solo 
together with Eoghan McCarthy, whose voice appeared to be lower than it used to be.

Sam Wiggin, who knows how to be quiet 
(photo by Ashley)

In a choir with so many young boys it is logical that some lose concentration from time to time.
So I think it is only fair to mention those that gave the impression of being ‘ínto it’ the whole time,
and therefore honours for Matthew Jansen, Sam Wiggin and Ben Fairman in addition to the 
abovementioned soloists." 


Artemis Art, the Libera concert promoters in Taiwan, released a photo of the song listing
on the 2013 concert  program: 

The boy in the photo is Jude Collins. 

There were no strictly "new-to-2013-Libera" songs listed on this program. "Mysterium" is gone from the previous lineup, as are "Be Still  My Soul" and "Sanctissima." Additions are "Song of Life," and " How  Can I  Keep from Singing," which was last heard on 2003's  Eternal CD, with  

Josh  Madine credited as soloist. (This version also was used as the soundtrack for a 2008 
Waitrose Grocery Stores Christmas advertisement.) 

This lovely song  was originally  recorded in 1992 by Oliver Putland on the first  Angel Voices  

CD, and sung  as a group  number  in the 1992 TV series Titchmark on Song, and on  a 1993 TV 
series, Thora  on the Straight and  Narrow. It also appeared  as a memorable solo-on-video  by 
the great  Liam O' Kane in  1998.

Liam O' Kane videoed in Highgate Cemetery, London Can I Keep from Singing/Liam O’ Kane/1998)

If the group, rather than the solo, version, were used for this program, it probably would be  
some variation on  this  arrangement by Enya, used in both 1992 and 1993. The first three boys
visible singing on the video below are early Angel Voices  soloists Anthony Maher, Oliver 
Putland, and Daren Geraghty. Can I Keep from Singing/Angel Voices/ Thora on the 
Straight and Narrow/1993/arr. by Enya)

It seemed probable that the new song  “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin/ The Moon Represents 
my  Heart” would be the first encore, and "Libera" the second. 




On 3/26 , two now-seasoned Libera spokesboys, Cassius O' Connell-White and Ben  

Fairman  showed off their language (or at least cue-card reading) skills in recording a video 
with an im pressively lengthy  message repeated in both English and Chinese. to Taiwan in English and Chinese/Cassius O’ 
Connell-White and Ben Fairman/2013) 

At this point,a Chinese-language greeting on Libera's official website had received the greatest  

number of hits of any posting to date. 

Poster from Artemis Art 

On 3/28, it was announced by Taiwan promoters that autograph sessions would be held  

following  all concerts there. Artemis Art revealed that there would be a poster with photos of all 
26 boys in the touring group available for sale at 100 yuan. It was also announced  that only 
five or six boys at a time would be available for signing after each concert. This had been done
before in Singapore and Japan  because of huge crowds there that would have had all the 
boys signing all night, exhausting during a busy concert schedule .



According to Lauren of the Mini-Angels site, Artemis Art  was doing a great job promoting
Libera's first Taiwan tour, with flyers and huge posters in bookstores and gift shops throughout
the country

Taiwan's FM98.9 radio station played Libera songs during the days before the concerts, and
there were several dozen magazine and newspaper ads and articles,with great excitement 
expressed about Libera's world-premiere performance of "The Moon Represents My Heart."

Lauren also mentioned that advance ticket sales for the five Taiwan concerts were excellent.  This was also the case in Korea, according to the promoters, Seoul Arts and Korean fan Enyu,  who reports seeing Libera posters throughout the city, including mounted on streetlight posts  and plastered on buses.

 Photos by Enyu



On March 30th, LiberaOfficial posted the fourth 2013 Spring Tour promotional video (This video is sadly, now unavailable due to copyright issues. The only record of the Libera performance in it, is in the newscast above)), with commentary by a lively quartet of boys—Isaac London, Jude Collins, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, and the ever-irrepressible Cassius O' Connell-White. It also gives more scenes and swirling special effects from the video, as yet unreleased in its entirety at this point, of "The Moon Represents My Heart."

Isaac London, Jude Collins. Michael Ustynovych-Repa and Cassius O'Connell White
discuss the video-shooting and language-learning process for "The Moon Represents
My Heart." (A look at the creation of the video for “The Moon 
Represents  My Heart"/Isaac London/Jude Collins/ Michael Ustynovych-Repa/Cassius 
O’ Connell-White/ March 1013)

Celestial boys in the video, all trebles (L to R): Jude Collins, Isaac London, Eoghan McCarthy. 
Dylan Duffy,  Cassius O' Connell-White, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, 
Bertie Smart, Matthew Madine,  Lucas Wood, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Tom Delgado-Little


National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan (Photo By Lauren)

Taiwan Concerts 

April 2nd and 3rd 
Taipei, Taiwan
National Concert Hall


As is customary, the boys blogged about their journey and arrival:


Fortunately for those who couldn't make it to Taiwan, Lauren, from the Chicago-based  Mini-Angels site wrote a complete and comprehensive review/running commentary on the April 2nd performance in the National Concert Hall in Taipei, and all concerts in both Taiwan and Korea. Here is a slightly edited version,  with some small additions from the following night's concert. 

Ni hao! Libera had their first concert in Taiwan tonight! There were fans here from all over the
world – China, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Canada, USA, France and UK (please let me
know if I forgot anyone) – but it was the warm response from the Taiwan fans that really made 
it great, especially when Libera talked and sang in Chinese.

There were 26 boys singing tonight. They were listed in the program in alphabetical order by 
first name.

1.   Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti
2.   Anthony Blake
3.   Anthony Kerr-Munley
4.   Benjamin Fairman
5.   Bertramo (Bertie) Smart
6.   Carlos Rodriguez-Villegas
7.   Cassius O’Connell-White
8.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
9.   Dylan Duffy
10. Eoghan McCarthy
11. Henry Barrington
12. Isaac London
13. Jude Collins
14. Jakub (Kuba) Niedermaier-Reed
15. Kavana Crossley
16. Lucas Wood
17. Luke Collins
18. Marc Alvares
19. Matthew Jansen
20. Matthew Madine
21. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
22. Michael Menezes
23. Michael Ustynovych-Repa
24. Oscar McFall
25. Samuel Wiggin
26. Thomas Delgado-Little

Stage with Steven Geraghty, Josh Madine, Simon Roth, and   National Taiwan University of Arts  
string quartet ready to go.

The concert started off with a string quartet from Taipei entering the stage. They were followed
by  Simon Roth playing percussion, Josh Madine playing keyboard and piano, and Steven 
Geraghty  playing keyboard, piano, clarinet and recorder.  

Percussionist Simon Roth

The lights dimmed and we heard  Cassius O’  Connell-White’s voice reminding the audience to turn off their cell phones and refrain from taking  pictures. Robert Prizeman entered without applause. I think he wanted to keep a quiet mood for the first song.

1.  Dies Irae – Solo by Ciaran Bradbury Hickey. His voice is even stronger than before! Matthew
Rangel-Alvares sang the backing part; he , and Tom Delgado-Little sang the high notes. Dark and
moving. Then they segued into…

2.  Gloria – A sparkling song made even better by the lights shining on the gigantic organ behind 
the stage. Michael Ustynovych-Repa  goes soooo high! Amazing!

All photos of concert program by Patrick

Speech – Ben Fairman and Cassius O’ Connell-White welcoming everyone. Ben just said his 
name and the audience applauded, so you can imagine the reaction when they spoke in Chinese. They said that Kavana Crossley is the oldest boy on tour at age 14, and Marc Alvares is the youngest, having just turned nine. Isaac London, the soloist on the next song, is ten.

3.  Song of Life – Wow, wow, wow! Isaac’s solo was so beautiful! What a strong, clear voice in
hat little ten-year-old! [on the second night  Isaac appeared to have a bit of a cold. It sure didn't 
hurt his singing though. His voice was clear and beautiful. During his song, there was a glitch 
and his mic went out. He didn't flinch. Just kept on singing. So professional for one so young.]

4.  Voca Me – Solo by Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey. Tom Delgado-Little sang the shimmering high 
part (that top note gives me shivers) so effortlessly. [ The glitch on the second night meant that 
there was a pause  until they could start "Voca Me." Again, the boys calmly stood there and waited. Excellent training. Robert Prizeman started the song, and the rest of the concert went beautifully.]

This page  includes photos of soloists Jude Collins and Lucas Wood

5.  Sanctus – Dylan Duffy sang a really cool part, Michael Ustynovych-Repa sang the really 
high  notes, and Matthew Jansen sang the last “Sanctus.” Beautifully done.

Speech – Cassius O’ Connell-White and Michael Ustynovych-Repa introduced their well-
travelled  mascot, Moose.

6.  I Vow To Thee, My Country – Another wow! Matthew Jansen has the nicest quality to his 
voice, and it’s so strong and steady. He sang the solo with Dylan Duffy and Tom Delgado-Little. 
Michael Ustynovych-Repa had a cool part in this song.

7.   Salva Me – The boys had their hoods up, and Michael Ustynovych-Repa sang the high 

The above group includes soloists Cassius O' Connell White, Ciaran Bradbury Hickey, Dylan Duffy, Eoghan McCarthy and Isaac London.

8.  Eternal Light – The solo part was sung by Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Jude Collins, Dylan
 Duffy and  Lucas Wood with Tom Delgado-Little joining in part-way through.

Speech – This was so funny! Jude Collins introduced the musicians. He went to point to the string 
quartet [from the National Taiwan University of Arts] and spun in a circle pointing at Steven
 Geraghty, Josh Madine, Simon Roth, oh there they are! The loudest applause was for Robert 

9.  How Shall I Sing That Majesty? – Beautiful solo by Eoghan McCarthy with Matthew 
Jansen and Lucas Wood, with Tom Delgado-Little singing the high part. Yes, this song still 
makes me cry. I love the words.

- Interval - 

10.  Orinoco Flow – The song started with Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Matthew Jansen, Dylan
Duffy, Cassius O’Connell-White and another boy I can’t remember (sorry). Isaac London was 
playing the beat of the drum by hitting his side. Does he play percussion? Tom Delgado-Little 
has a cool, high part added. And the choreography and turns were even sharper than before. 
I love this song!

Speech – Michael Ustynovych-Repa and Cassius O’ Connell-White explained their white 
robes and “massive” hoods. The audience loved Cassius’ hood demonstration.

The above page includes soloists Matthew Jansen and Michael Ustynovych-Repa.

11.  Far Away – Solo by Isaac London. I’m trying not to use the word “wow” too much. Maybe 
I’m too sleepy to come up with another adjective. Just perfect.

12.  The Fountain – Just when I vow to not use the word “wow” again, here comes this song. 
Matthew Jansen soloed. His voice is rich and low in the beginning, soars to crazy high notes 
in the middle, then closes quietly in a way that makes you sigh.  Josh plays the piano on this 
song, "Song of Life" and "Ave Verum." Otherwise, he plays the electronic keyboard.

Between concerts, Lauren caught the boys outside in their robes during a photo shoot.

13.  Grateful Heart – Tom Delgado-Little and Michael Ustynovych-Repa are in the front with 
half of the boys kneeling in a semi-circle behind them and the other half of the boys standing 
in a semi-circle behind that. This is such a difficult song to sing, because it requires so much 
vocal control. These little guys can do it! Tom sang the first verse, Michael sang the second 
verse, Tom sang the third verse, and holy cow!, he held out that last clear note so long. 

14.  Ave Verum – Dylan Duffy, Matthew Jansen, Henry Barrington and Ciaran Bradbury-
Hickey started the song. Michael Ustynovych-Repa sang the high notes. Shout out to Carlos 
Rodrigues Villegas, Henry Barrington, Kavana Crossley and Luke Collins singing the low 
notes. It always shows on this song. And the tallest was Luke at the front of the final “V” 

The formal photos on the above page include soloist Tom Delgado-Little. The boys at the
bottom are Eoghan McCarthy, Jakob Wood (no longer performing with Libera), Jude Collins
Dylan Duffy, and Kavana Crossley.

Speech – This was the cutest speech! Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey explained that they need to 
learn to enunciate their words distinctly while singing. In order to do this, they practice vocal 
exercises. So they demonstrated three of of them. It was like an extra mini-song in the concert.
The first exercise was a tongue-twister "pick a copper, pick a kettle". The second one was 
“Zing-a-momma, zing-a-momma, zing, zing, zing.” The third was a scale of “ma-ma-ma’s” that 
went super high. The audience loved it! And this, of course, led into… 

Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey

15.  How Can I Keep From Singing? – Beautifully sung.  The small-ensemble part is sung by 
Lucas Wood,  Dylan Duffy, Eoghan McCarthy, Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti and Isaac London, 
with  Michael Ustynovych-Repa on the  high notes. 

16.  Stay With Me – Main part sung by Tom Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Cassius O’ Connell-
White and Lucas Wood. Michael Ustynovych-Repa on the high notes. Cassius sang a solo at 
the end.

17.  Glory To Thee – Solo part by Eoghan McCarthy and Matthew Jansen. The boys are in 
five groups and sing “Praise God From Whom All Blessings flow” in a round.  Eoghan sang 
so strong and clear.  What a voice! 

Speech – Ben Fairman ,gave the longest speech in Chinese thanking everyone for coming.

18.  Exultate – Tom Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Matthew Jansen, Michael Ustynovych-Repa 
and Lucas Wood start the song. Solo by Tom with Luke Collins. A happy way to end the 
concert. But wait. There’s more!

Ben Fairman, Dylan Duffy, Tom Delgado- Little and Matthew Madine sign autographs 
(Photo by Lauren)

Encore #1 – The Moon Represents My Heart – Stunning! As soon as the audience 
recognized the song, they started clapping. I can’t understand a word of Chinese, and I was 
moved by it, especially at the bridge. Robert’s arrangement of this song is amazing. All the 
boys were standing in a semi-circle, and little Michael Ustynovych-Repa glided smoothly to 
the front and sang a solo at the end. The audience cheered so much. I saw people waving 
their hands in the air! The recorded song and video cannot be played in its entirety due to 
copyright. Hopefully, this will be resolved so that everyone can have a chance to hear the full 
song. It's also interesting to me that when the audience hears the opening music, they don't 
recognize  it until they hear he boys sing the words.  

Encore #2 – Libera

More cheers from the audience, and Robert was presented on stage with a huge bouquet of 

A few other notes. Our newest smiley boy is Anthony Blake. He sings and smiles and looks 
right at audience members and smiles some more. What a joy to watch him! 

Anthony Blake

And congratulations to Josh Madine for transitioning so smoothly (at least it seems so to me as an outsider) to being  a staff member. His keyboard and piano playing is quite good, and some pieces are not easy.

Josh Madine, cool at the keyboard (photo by Yuki)

Barbara Geraghty and Eleanor Lewis are here as chaperones. Andy Winter is Stage Manager. 
Sam Coates is on Sound. Simon Lewis and Jonathan Barrington are Stage Managers. If I missed
someone, it’s because the staff is not listed in the program. 

After the concert, the venue handed out Libera balloons. They sold CDs, the DVD, commemorative 
Libera mugs, programs and posters. People wanting autographs were led to a queue outside.
I thought it was going to be another outdoor signing in the dark like St. Louis 2010, but it 
turned out that only the fans were outside. The boys were inside a side entrance.

Hundreds of fans line up behind barriers, waiting to get the boys' autographs.
(Photo by Lauren)

Fans were able to get autographs from 10 boys instead of 5. It was a bit rushed. No time to 
talk. I think the venue thought that 1,000 people would be lined up for signatures. The line 
was long, but not too bad. I got a few photos before, during and after. The boys were so cute, 
saying “Xie xie” (thank you in Chinese) to the fans. 

The second night's signing was in the  same side entrance to the concert hall, but this time all 
the boys who had not signed last night  were there, so anyone who went to the two Taipei concerts could have a fully signed poster  or program or cell phone or balloon (Yes, I saw those being signed). The boys 
were happy  and smiley and talkative, yet their fingers were flying, The line was much longer 
than last night's,  but they got everyone through there super fast.

Fans waiting for autographs and crowding to photograph  Libera boys. (Photo by Lauren)

A Taiwanese fan, Max, had this to say about his experience:   "At the autograph signing after t 

he concert, the sponsor prohibits the audiences from taking picture in the line for speeding up
the process. I totally understand since the boys must be tired enough while still had hundreds
of signing to do. I actually felt a little bit guilty to let the boys signing for me.  So, basically it 
was like entering the room, passing what you would like to be signed to the staff, the staff then
passes the item to a group of super busy head-down boys, getting back your item and then… 
done. Hum… it was a neither long nor short period of time and I didn’t expect too much 
interaction with the boys. All of a sudden, after Bertramo Smart signing right on his face and 
murmuring his face looks like that (lol), Kavana Crossley head-up and greets me; also Eoghan
McCarthy said “Thank you for coming tonight!”  It was way too kind of them to do so!! After 
being surprised and touched by these cute warm angels, it was the worst feeling of the day – 
the end of the beautiful night, right from the heaven back to the real world…"

Carlos Rodrigues Villegas, Matthew Madine and Oscar McFall on the bus. (Photo by Lauren)

A small group of fans waited outside to see the boys leave. They were waving from the 
windows of their bus.

Thank you for a great concert!  — Lauren


...And this is the boys'  second blog about their activities:

One of Libera's outside activities was a visit to the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center (above) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan,  where, as reported in a local magazine article, they experienced a Buddhist ceremony and asked questions  like "What's the  difference between Buddha and God?;" "Why are Buddha's ears so long?" and "Does the  lotus represent peace?"

Hsinchu Concert
April 6th, 2013
HsinChu, Taiwan
HsinChu Performing Arts Center

Comments by Lauren:

Tonight's Hsinchu (the "H" is silent) concert was amazing! This was a 
smaller city, and so it was a smaller audience, but they sure were enthusiastic. Here are a 
few details.

Interior, Hsinchu Performing Arts Center (Photo by Lauren)

• First, I think I was just plunked down into the middle of a live music video! Some concerts
just seem to draw you into the action on stage, so that nothing and no one else is in the room, just you and the performers.

There was a screen behind the stage, which has been used in other concerts, and which 
played video scenes during some of the songs. This time just felt different. Perhaps it helped 
that the stage was lower. Maybe it was my oddly too-large seat that made me lean back and 
relax. Maybe it was the really great sound. Or all of these combined. But I was in some sort of 
virtual reality. Except it was real.

• Dies Irae - Ciaran started the concert off right. Have you ever watched someone sing, like in 
church, and you're white-knuckling it the whole time, worrying that they won't hit their notes. 
Yeah, Ciaran is not that person. 

• Gloria - One to watch for - Sam Wiggins. On the right side I noticed Ciaran (I think) singing 
high and then realized that Sam was singing really high along with him! Sam wasn't wearing 
a mic, but he was definitely hitting those high notes.

Eager photographers at the Hsinchu autograph Session (Photo by Lauren)

* Speech by Ben & Cassius - It sounds like Cassius has a cold. :( Hope he feels better soon. 

The words of all of their speeches were posted on the screen translated into Chinese. This 
helped so much! The audience reaction was much better since now they could all understand 
what was being said.

• How Shall I Sing? - Eoghan McCarthy still has it! I sat right in front of him. :) And now I see 
(thank you right side) that Tom Delgado-Little AND Isaac London sing the high part. 
They just nailed it!

Eoghan McCarthy (Photo by Gordon)

* At the start of the 2nd half, the audience applauded when Libera walked out on stage in the 

• Far Away - So great! Here I go again, gushing about Isaac London. If he's this good at 10 
years old... wow!

Isaac London signs autographs

The Moon Represents My Heart - On the video screen it read: "1953-1995  Teresa Teng" 
with a picture of her. I was told she was the original singer of this song. Perhaps in deference 
to this tribute, the audience did not clap as soon as they recognized the song. But when it was
done they clapped so loudly and long that if Robert  Prizeman hadn't cued up "Libera," they'd 
still be clapping.

* 8 boys did an autograph signing in the upstairs lobby. There was no picture-taking while in 
line, but pictures were allowed any other time. And boy, did people take a lot of pictures! 

When I went through the line, the boys were all so sweet and cheerful. Tom Delgado-Little
and Michael Ustynovych-Repa were at the end. They asked me what my favorite song was. 
When I said "The Moon Represents My Heart," Michael said "Yes!" That's his solo. Apparently
there's a competition between the two of them to see whose feature songs gets the most votes. 
I should have said "Grateful Heart," since they sing it together.

Kaohsiung Concert
April 7th, 2013
Kaohsiung Taiwan Dadong Arts Center

(Photo by Lauren )

Comments by Lauren: 

Ni Hao from Kaohsiung! Libera is now in the southern part of Taiwan (sunny and 
warm) and in its second-largest city.

• Tonight's concert was really great! The sound was especially amazing! Before it started I 
told myself I wasn't going to worry about trying to remember details. I was just going to sit 
back and enjoy it, unless something really stood out to me. That stand-out would be the song 
"Voca Me."

• We talk a lot about Libera soloists, who gets to sing which song, how did they do. But Libera 
is deeply loaded with talent. I want to give a shout-out to the boys who sing all those harmony 
parts, and that includes soloists who don't have a solo on that song. It takes all of those 
moving harmonies to make a song like "Voca Me" sound so great. Singing harmony is not 
easy to do, especially when you have someone standing next to you who is singing a totally 
different part. You can tell these boys practice a lot and practice well.

• One funny thing I noticed was that after the interval, several of the boys came out and started 
smiling and almost laughing. While "Orinoco Flow" is definitely a happy song, something was 
going on.

• The audience was really good tonight. They seemed to know English better and so 
understood the speeches and laughed at all the cute jokes.

•The same eight boys did the autograph session, except Cassius O’ Connell-White took 
Lucas Wood's place. If you'll notice, the table is loaded with soloists. Four of them asked me 
what was my favorite song tonight. How do you answer that when they're all hoping you name
one of their songs? Oh, the competitiveness of boys. I answered honestly, "Voca Me," and 
Tom Delgado-Little seemed disappointed. While I love it for the moving parts, it's Tom, Tom, Tom,
singing the amazing high parts.

Autographers and soloists: (L to R) Cassius O' Connell-White, Eoghan McCarthy
Dylan Duffy, Matthew Jansen, Michael Ustynovych-Repa (Photo by Lauren)

• During the concert I sat next to a girl from Taiwan named Helen. She said that she has been 
listening to Libera's music for 8 years! Since she was 12 years old! Her brother was in a choir 
and introduced her to Libera. During the autograph session we were talking, and she asked 
me to give Libera a message since her English is not very good.

She then proceeded to tear up while describing in excellent English how much she loves them
and their music, and how their music gives her power to feel better when she is sad.  So I 
walked through the line with her so she could tell them herself. It shows how powerful music 
can be for good.

• When the boys left to get on the bus, it was amazing to see how much energy they still had. 
They were waving at the fans and jumping up and down. It looks like they are having a great 
time in Taiwan.

More soloists: Michael Ustynovych Repa, Tom Delgado-Little, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
and Isaac London (Photo by Patrick) 


April 9th, 2013
Taichung, Taiwan
Taichung ZhongXin Hall

Enthusiastic Taichung fans wait for autographs (Photo by Lauren)

Jude Collins, Cassius O' Connell-White, Dylan Duffy, 
Robert Prizeman and Kavana Crossley make their way through
gantlet of adoring fans, security guards, cameras and microphones.
(Photo by Gordon)

Here are Lauren’s thoughts on the final Taiwan Concert:

Libera's 5th and final Taiwan concert was tonight in Taichung, and the boys did
not disappoint. I thought they would be exhausted from touring all over Taiwan for
10 days, but they performed with so much energy, and their vocals were especially
strong tonight.

Taichung is a university town, and there were a lot of young people in the audience.
There were even some very young school children who left after the first half,
probably because it was past their bedtime.

At the end of “Dies Irae” and “Gloria,” I remember thinking "perfect." Then Isaac
London sang his solo on “Song of Life,” and his voice had such a tender quality,
that I again thought "perfect."

In “Voca Me,” Tom Delgado-Little’s high notes were so spot-on pitch! “Sanctus” –
Dylan Duffy! How did I miss you singing all those high notes in so many songs? It's
probably because you make it look so easy. You also blend so well with other boys'
voices when you sing harmony. What a great voice you have!

Dylan Duffy (Photo by Gordon)

  “Salva Me” and Michael Ustynovych Repa’s high part were again great. At this point
I was thinking, "Everything is just perfect so far!" “Eternal Light” was lovely, and
Eoghan McCarthy with Matthew Jansen and Lucas Wood on “How Shall I Sing That
Majesty” were excellent.

Cassius O’ Connell-White did not sing during the second half of the concert until
he returned for the last song. I don't know if his cold is bothering him or not. He
actually sounded much better while giving his speeches. Ben Fairman took Cassius’
place for the "white robes and massive hoods" speech with Michael Ustynovych-

The crowd applauded and quite literally yelled "Encore." After “The Moon
Represents My Heart,” they applauded even louder. After singing the song “Libera,”
the choir Libera took their final bows in Taiwan, and Robert was presented with his
5th bouquet of flowers. Where is he putting all of them? 

Budding linguist Isaac London (L) with Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti.
(Photo by Gordon)

The autograph session had eight boys. While they were being seated, Isaac
London was making sure everyone remembered their Chinese phrases for when
they greeted fans. He said if anyone had any questions, ask him.

I'd like to congratulate Taiwan on doing such a great job for Libera's first trip here.
It was a really well-run tour, and Richard Chen and the Artemis Art employees and
volunteers worked very hard to make it a success. 

Kavana Crossley, the oldest on the tour at age14. He began touring with the group in 2008

Here's a nice and concise mini-review from another fan:

by john45 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:55 am
Taichung 9th April

Anthony Kerr-Munley and Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey leaving the concert hall.
Note lines of security personnel. (Photo By Gordon)

Well, that was the last of the Taiwan concerts. Another brilliant performance. The
venues may not have been filled, but they are large and the audiences were very
appreciative and enthusiastic. From Libera's point of view it was undoubtedly a
success, having brought their music to several thousand fans, many of them new,
on their first visit here. CD sales appeared to be going very well. From a fan’s
perspective everything was very well organized. I just hope it was also a com-
mercial success for the sponsors who worked so hard to make it happen. By all
accounts, in spite of some inclement weather, the boys themselves had a great

Some of my favourite moments (in no particular order) were:

• Dylan Duffy’s's descants.

• Michael Ustynovych Repa’s's beaming smile when the audience erupts at the end
of "The Moon Represents My Heart. "

Michael smiles: worth an encore. (Photo by Gordon)

• The "shining like a rainbow" crescendo in “Eternal Light”

• Tom Delgado-Little’s' final note in “Grateful Heart”— how can he hold it for so long
so effortlessly?
Matthew Jansen

• Matthew Jansen's huge gear-shift from low to high in "The Fountain"

• The top D in “Voca Me” (Tom Delgado-Little)

• Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey on vocal gymnastics

Vocal gymnast Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey (C), signing autographs with Lucas Wood
(Photo by Gordon) 

 •  The Ave Verum "V"

• “Glory to Thee”—"Amen" (well, the whole hymn really)

• Nano-Ben Fairman speaking in Mandarin.

• Many more.

At the signing sessions several of the boys would ask "Which was your favourite
song". There seemed to be some sort of competition going on. Whether this was
like a horse race and each had tried to pick a winner or they were rooting for their
own solo, I don't know. After some deliberation, I picked "Grateful Heart" as the
photo-finish winner between it and "The Moon Represents my Heart". This was
greeted with a "Yesssss!!!" from Tom Delgado-Little but with a sigh of disap-
pointment from Michael Ustynovych-Repa, which leaves me no wiser as they
share the honours for "Grateful Heart."

Tom Delgado-Little (Photo by Gordon)

I found the Taiwanese people to be most friendly, courteous and helpful wherever
I went. I felt completely safe walking late at night. Traveling within and between
the cities on the excellent and spotless subway and high speed rail systems was a
breeze. Taxis are cheap and the drivers honest.

Isaac London obliges a fan.

One of the highlights of the boys' extracurricular activities was a visit with the Choir of the Pingtung County Tai Wu Elementary School, for lunch and a demonstration by the choir,
directed by Camake Valaule.  Many of the Tai wu children were from the indigenous 
Paiwan tribe of Taiwan. Here's the boys' blog about it:

The Tai Wu singers also gave the Libera boys copies of their CD: "Vingacan ta Senay Nia 
Vuvu" (Where  the Songs Begin),  and the boys had the experience, unusual on tour, of being 
the ones requesting  autographs.   For the full range of photos, go to: 

Accompanying the boys on this visit and throughout the tour was Dr. Roberto de Ocampo, 
former minister of finance for the Philippines, now an arts ambassador and great friend of
Libera. Among his many other honors, Dr. De Ocampo was honored in 2012 with the Order of the 
British Empire (O.B.E.) for promoting artistic relatiions between the UK and the Philippines.

Dr. Roberto De Ocampo

Carlos Rodrigues Villegas( (C) and Kavana Crossley check out the Tai Wu Choir's CD

Bertie Smart and Lucas Wood trade autographs

More Autographs (Back row, L to R): Kavana Crossley, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
Bertie Smart, Kuba Niedermaier-Reed, Carlos Rodrigues Villegas, Matthew Jansen;
Front:   Lucas Wood, Marc Alvares.

Kuba Niedermaier-Reed  with new friends
Cassius O'Connell-White, Kavana Crossley and Ben Fairman
form part of a chain.

Demonstration by Tai Wu Choir

Michael Ustynovych-Repa, surrounded, with banana



One of the first activities on Libera's arrival in Korea was this lively interview on a 
Bundang  radio morning show with four  veteran  spokesboys. It provided a number of amusing 
insights into  the group's dynamics, personalities, and history, as well as a number of personal 
anecdotes and observations about  what it's like being  a Libera singer. Collins, Cassius O’ Connell-White, Kavana Crossley, 
and Ben Fairman, interviewed prior to their two Korean performances on the 1013 Mainstreet 
Show in Bundang, with Ahn Junghyun on TBS eFM 101.3.) 


Friday, April 12th
Bundang, South Korea
St John's Catholic Cathedral

Vast interior of St. John's Catholic Cathedral, Bundang
(Photo by Lauren)

Lauren of  the Mini-Angels site continued with her observations and commentary for this first 
Korean concert:

Tonight was Libera's first-ever  Asian concert held in a church! How cool is that?
St. John's Cathedral is about 1 hour south of central Seoul in the suburb of
Bundang. I went there with eight other fans in a rental van. Many thanks to Korean
Libera fan, Enyu, for arranging that for us. The church is fairly easy to spot as you
drive up as it is gigantic, the largest building in Asia!

They were selling CDs and programs but no posters. Tickets had been sold in
numerical order, so we were told to wait in a large room with tables and chairs and
food available for purchase. We lined up in numerical order and entry began in
sections 30 minutes before the concert began.

The display of photos in this Korean program was imaginative and effective
(All photos of program by Lauren)

The concert itself was simply spectacular! Everyone sang so well. I couldn't see
most of the balcony, but the main floor was packed!

• Dies Irae - The audience applauded when Libera entered the stage in the dark.
Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Matthew Jansen, and Tom Delgado-Little gave us such a
strong opening song. And I'm happy  to say that Cassius O’ Connell-White was
back singing for the whole concert (after taking time off because of a cold).

• Gloria - The music echoed off of the stone walls, and the lighting effects sparkled
against the church decorations and organ pipes. So beautiful!

• Speeches - The audience was very enthusiastic and clapped and yelled when the
boys spoke in Korean. 

Steven Geraghty, Josh Madine, Simon Roth and string quartet 
await the beginning of the Bundang concert. (photo by Lauren)

•Voca Me - Perfect song! Loved how the light made a shadow of hooded Tom
Delgado-little on the wall.

• Salva Me - You can't beat this song with hoods up in a cathedral!

• In Jude Collin’s speech he asked "Are you enjoying the concert" in Korean, and
everyone cheered! I was told that the boys who gave speeches spent only
10 minutes learning their Korean lines. Wow! They're quick learners!

• Far Away - Another perfect solo by Isaac London. Dylan Duffyhas a nice high part.
He is so subtle when he sings that you often don't realize that that wonderful sound
is coming from him!

• The Fountain - Matthew Jansen wowed them with this one! It's amazing how he (and
Ralph Skan before him) can sing in a middle range and then pop it up an octave and
sing so high.

• Ave Verum - Very powerful. The stage was a bit short so it was hard to fit all 26
boys into the final "V".

• How Can I Keep From Singing? - I keep forgetting to mention that when they
sing the line "I lift my eyes..." they all look up into the lights. It really makes you feel
the emotion of the song along with them.

• Stay With Me - Cassius O’ Connell-White was back singing the solo and did a
great job!

The first encore was " The Moon Represents My Heart." Since it's sung in Chinese,
there's naturally not going to be as big of a reaction to it as the audiences in Taiwan
had, but the Korean fans really loved it. I'm so happy for them that they also get to
hear this beautiful song.

The second encore was "Libera ." The audience cheered loudly and gave a
standing ovation! Great concert!

There were two negative points for me, which I must share in the hopes that it doesn't
happen again. During the entire first half of the concert, an official photographer
was crouched down in the middle aisle between the very front pews taking pictures. 
His camera was clicking constantly. It was distracting beyond words. Just as a soloist 
would be singing a moving and tender part of a song, "click, click, click!" If I had been in 
charge, I would have lunged at him in the dark after Gloria and told him to stop.
 (lol and yet I'm serious) After people complained about it during the interval, he did not 
return for the second half.

My second gripe is about the use of cell phones during the concert. Yes, girl sitting
next to me recording every song, I'm talking to you. When they announced in
Korean and English not to take photos or recordings during the concert, that
included you. I know you weren't the only one (there were many), but the light from
your cell phone screen at the beginning, ending, and often the middle of every single
song was so bothersome. Please fans, there's a reason for these rules. Respect
Libera and your fellow concert-goers.

What it looks like when someone is sitting in front of you taking photos

Ten boys did an autograph signing after the concert. The other 16 will be signing
after the Seoul concert, probably divided into 2 groups due to the size of the
audience. They all seem to be having a great time on tour. I mentioned to Eoghan
McCarthy that I liked his high part in “Exultate,” and he said that he's not always
hitting high notes anymore. Aw, but I still love the timbre of his voice.

I met two fans, from Japan and Korea, who were attending their very first Libera
concert. I'm sure there were many other first-timers, but it's always so fun to talk to
them. They're in this special euphoric state after finally getting to hear Libera live.

One more concert left at the huge Sejong Center! Can't wait!— Lauren

Eoghan McCarthy glimpsed between fans at Bundang signing (Lauren's video of autograph signing at St. John’s Cathedral, Bundang)

Saturday, April 13th
Seoul, South Korea,
Sejong Center
Another vast interior—Sejong Center (Photo by Lauren)

Oh my word! Libera had their final Asia Tour concert tonight at the Sejong Arts Center in Seoul,
and it was amazing! The concert hall was nearly sold out with the main floor and two balconies
quite full.

From the beginning of "Dies Irae," the sound just hit me between the eyes! It was so much louder
than any other venue I've ever been to. I sat on the right side for the first time during this tour and
on the 4th row, so I had an entirely different view of the stage. There again was a screen behind
the stage that gave the Korean interpretation of the words to the speeches. Some of the scenes
on the screen during the songs looked new also, but maybe that was because I could see better.

• When Ben Fairman started his first speech, the audience laughed and clapped at everything he
said in Korean.

• All of the songs were excellent! I think the lighting was better, too. I noticed at the end of “Salva
Me” that all the boys were lit in blue light except for Michael Ustynovych-Repa, who was lit in red
 light for his final “Salvas.”

• During Jude Collins’ speech, he told us that the string quartet was called SM Quartet.

Autographs! Jude Collins, Henry Barrington, Cassius O' Connell-White, 
Carlos Rodriguez Villegas and Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
(Photo by Lauren)

...and the waiting crowd   (Photo by Lauren)

• How Shall I Sing That Majesty gave me goosebumps tonight! And not just because the air
conditioner came on.

• Michael Ustynovych-Repa and Cassius O’ Connell-White are really great speakers and actors.
 They got a great reaction from the audience with their "lovely white robes and massive hoods"
speech. Such hams!

• Far Away with Isaac's solo was just lovely. At the beginning of The Fountain , when Josh Madine
played the opening chords, I couldn't see the piano, but he really banged them out, and I remem-
ber thinking, "Oh, that sounds like a really nice concert grand to get to play on!"

• In Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey's speech, he finally said his name for the first time. And he has
beautiful diction. When Libera sang the first two  vocal exercises, the audience clapped along in
 time! How Can I Keep From Singing has a line "No storm can shake my inmost calm while to
that rock I'm clinging..." It's hard to explain, but the boys really emphasized that word "shake" in
 a way that made me feel the shake in their voices. So cool!

• I'm so happy to have heard Eoghan McCarthy sing Glory To Thee in the US 2011 Tour,
Singapore 2012 and now on the Asia 2013 Tour. One of my favorite soloists! :

• The last song, Exultate , was great! The audience applauded loudly, and then it was time for the
encore " The Moon Represents My Heart ." A Korean university student named Ashley told me
that the audience may not have reacted as enthusiastically as the Taiwan audiences, because
 Koreans might not have realized that the song is in Chinese. She said it could have been in Latin
 for all they knew.

Full of Surprises: Isaac London

And then it was time for the 2nd encore song, Libera . But wait! What was this?! Isaac walked
way out to the very front of the stage. I thought he was going to make a presentation to someone
or give flowers to Robert Prizeman. The lights went down with only a light on him, and he sang
Danny Boy " a Capella! My green, Irish eyes were smiling, but then quickly they were crying!
It was so special. I felt like he was singing it just for me Anyway, it was a stunning extra surprise
 for the 7th and final concert of the tour. 


French audience member Patrick and Yuki from Japan also wrote of this event: 

"Total silence in the hall. 2500 persons were staring right to this 10 years old boy standing on 
the edge of the stage, hands clasped behind his back.
And then Isaac started to sing, by himself. No Robert to guide, no other singers around him, 
no noting. Just a little boy in the light in front of a crowd of 2500 persons.
Isaac sung "Danny Boy" a capella, all along the song, no music, no instruments, no chorus 
from the others. Everyone in the public was stunned, so surprising, so cute, so moving....
Quickly my neighbour started to cry and I too got my eyes wet.."—Patrick


Of course the member & the set list was totally same as Taiwan tour. (Actually there
 were some little differences in who took solos though). BUT, one thing was obviously different
 - a BIG surprise was waiting for us at the encore of Seoul concert

The "Moon" song finished with Michael's solo as always, and next should have been "Libera". 
But suddenly Isaac walked up to the very front of the stage at a smart pace. The rest of the boys 
were all still at the back. He just stood alone at the centre of the front in a simple lighting. Probably nobody in the audience knew what would be going to happen at that moment. Actually I also uttered
 'What? What?'. But all quieted down as soon as Robert touched the piano for only a few sounds for him. And then he started to sing - "Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...".

Just 10-year-old Isaac grandly sang a cappella by himself in front of such a large audience. Just 
AMAZING!! And that was PERFECT!! What a voice... clear and strong but calm and tender… 
Really touched my heart deeply. My eyes were filled with tears immediately and couldn't stop crying...:*)When they left the stage, my mum and I (were in front row) did thumbs-up to Isaac. He found us and did the same back with lovely smile. Yeah he did a really great job. I was quite lucky to be able to hear this! Proud of him!—Yuki

After a 3rd encore song - Libera - they got a standing ovation! Well-deserved!

Afterwards there was an autograph signing with 15 of the 16 boys who did not sign autographs in
Bundang. Only Bertie was missing. The line was so amazingly long!

Marc Alvares. Sam Wiggin, Oscar McFall and others wave a greeting to Korean fans
 (Photo by Lauren)  

• I got to meet Kavana's dad. He is so nice and understandably proud of his son. He said that
 Kavana's voice is so much deeper now, but he still can hit the high note in the final "Libera." Wow!

•I also met a woman named Rebecca who is from New York City but now lives and works in Seoul.
 She came to the concert because she heard a radio interview of four Libera boys. An English-
language news radio station interviewed Kavana, Cassius, and she thinks Ben and Marc or
Michael. She said the boys were so funny, and she's going to try to get a copy of the radio
interview to share with everyone!

Thank you, Libera, for seven magical concerts. Each one was different from the rest and special
in its own way. Hope you enjoyed your tour of Taiwan and Korea. We're looking forward to your
blog and tour pictures. You'll have so many great stories to tell your family and friends. Have a
safe trip home!

Staff members Steven Geraghty and Andy Winter, both former Libera singers, confer.

Steven Geraghty's mom, long-time chaperone Barbara Geraghty, checks up on Ciaran 
Bradbury-Hickey,  Kuba Niedermaier-Reed and Marc Alvares.


On April 15th, a promotional video for the May 11th Guildford concert appeared. It was nearly
identical to the first Taiwan and Korea promos, although the titles were in English, and there 
were no  spoken  foreign-language segments.

Libera at-home concerts: A guideline
Guildford concert poster, 2013

In Part 5 of this Timeline ,  I commented on some of the ways that at-home Libera
concerts   in Britain, once fairly informal events, have been tightened up considerably, due to the unwise
behavior of people who remind us that the term "fan,"in the sense of one who follows or 
admires an individual group, is derived from "fanatic." 

Here, Patrick, a veteran of Libera concerts in many countries, answers (by way 
of the  Libera  Dreams Forum) the questions of a  new fan who will be attending his/her first 
concert at  Guildford Cathedral in May:

What to expect???
Expect a nice concert and nothing else.
Last year a French newcomer came to Arundel, expecting a lot of unrealistic 
things, like chat and talks with the boys, contact, handshakes, video recording 
and so on. He had "only" a very nice concert, in a very well-located seat, and 
despite this he felt deeply frustrated, causing him crisis and depression.
This person is an extreme case and is not representative fortunately, but this is 
the message, to be concise: we will sit, they will sing, we will leave. Having a 
brilliant concert is what you have to expect

Any hints and tips for a first-timer??
The main point : don't arrive too late at the queue. Better for you to lose 2 or 
3 hours in a small queue rather than to save 2 or 3 hours and find yourself 
seated far in the back of the church.
Have with you a folding umbrella, a little snack.
Be prepared to talk and exchange with unknown people around you.

Fans line up around a corner at Arundel Cathedral 
(Photo by Patrick)

What to wear, what not to wear??
Just dress in a nice and comfortable way for you   Some (a lot) are in jeans,
some wear a jacket (a few); almost nobody wears a tie  

Camera?? Photos during the performance??
Absolutely no photography is allowed during the concert. A few people use the 
vague moment at the very end, during the bowing, to take a few photos, but
this is the max you may do. O f course, before the concert you can take a lot of 
photos of the venue, the building, inside, outside, the empty stage...

Is there usually a program?? Does it cost???
Yes, there's always a program.
A few years ago it could have been a simple B&W photocopied paper sheet; 
nowadays it's more likely to be an 8-12-page libretto in full color.
The price is usually low— 2-3 pounds  in the UK. it's possible they will also sell 
pre-signed programs at £5 or £10.

Meet and Greet???
No chance at all. There has been no M&G in UK since 2008. Don't expect 
anything because there will be nothing.

Will the cathedral be open during the day? Will there be tech rehearsals??
Usually the church on a concert day remains open to the public until  3PM, 
3:30, or 4:00 PM at max.  Before that you are free to walk in and see the 
technical setup, lights, sounds... be careful not to disturb the techs.
When the choir arrives, the church will close and the queue will start to really 
form. The boys will enter by a side or back door and you will not see them. All 
the choir rehearsals are done with doors closed; you will see nothing and hear 
almost nothing.

Is there anything else that could enhance the day/evening?
Depending on the announced weather, dress yourself in adequate way to bear 
the cold, the rain, the sun....
Check five times that you have not forgotten your ticket at home.
If you start the queue early, which I encourage you to do, be prepared to have 
no dinner till the end of the concert, so a snack in a backpack is a good idea.
Try to have with you a small cardboard tube, in case there are 
any posters sold at a desk at intermission.

A Somewhat Astounding Libera Fact

Libera enthusiast Jimmy Riddle, a regular on the Libera Dreams forum, made and posted this
interesting discovery:

by JimmyRiddle » Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:11 pm
I came across this online article which 
highlights how much of Libera's music has been used with South Korean TV programs and 

(This is a screenshot; you'll have to go to the Libera Dreams link below the next photo
 to access the videos.)

Libera’s music has been sought after by popular TV programs such asKPOP Star, Man’s 
Qualification, andGag Concert , and various commercials like Seoul Milk and Baskin-
Robbins. Last year alone it was used as background music to almost 300 TV programs and 
more than 20 commercial films, pretty impressive considering it's now over a year since 
Libera has been featured on UK TV.

[Editor's note: for many years Libera was featured regularly on the BBC's Songs of PraiseTV
show. At this point, however, their last appearance was in December of 2011. Whether a 
result of  internal politics, lack of funding, or contractual difficulties, these videos were important 
to Libera  enthusiasts as a means of keeping up with the group's current sound and personnel, as 
well as for the enjoyment of th  music.] 

I decided to investigate further and focused on the commercials. This article using a translator 
--> ... on%3Dsc278 reveals information on some of 
these commercials going back over 10 years. They mostly feature snippets from the Angel 
Voices era.
(This is also a screenshot; you'll have to go to the link below to access the videos.)

So far I have managed to dig out these:(For all of Jimmy’s examples, go to

Here’s an example of Jimmy's findings: (Korean ad for Baskin- 
Robbins ice-cream cake with snippet of  Angel Voices' “Walking in the Air”/solo by Gareth

Also came across this... ... me=drama07 - Although it takes a while to load  
and plays a jerky advert to begin with, the main video playback is smooth enough.

I haven't yet been able to locate video sources for the following;

Song of Joy : 황성주생식 이롬 라이프 CF (Hwang Sung-Joo reproductive erom CF?)
I Have a Dream : SBS 선거방송 광고 (SBS election commercials)
O For the Wings Of a Dove : 세콤 CF (the three com CF?)
Always There : 서울우유 , 에스콰이어 CF (Seoul milk, Esquire CF)
Sing Forever : 우리은행 2003 CF (Woori Bank)
In Dulci Jubilo : KB 국민은행 CF (KB Kookmin Bank CF)
Attendite : SK 텔레콤 장애인 높이뛰기편 2002 광고 (SK Telecom)
O For the Wings Of a Dove: 조선일보 (the Herald Sun?) over to you! If anyone can fill in the missing parts, particularly those with Korean  
connections then please feel free to 'ad' them to this thread. 


Libera on South Korean TV 

(Below) Practiced spokesboys Kavana, Jude and Cassius

A young Korean fan emotes about Libera.

Photographers crowd for a look at the boys.

(Kavana  Crossley, Jude Collins and Cassius O’ Connell-White interviewed on South Korean ABN-TV 
News/2013 spring tour)

Souvenirs and Photo Gallery for 2013 Taiwan/Korea Tour

Cover of souvenir folder, with Isaac London, Cand Michael Ustynovych Repa (Photo by Lexi)
assius O' Connell-White,

Artemis Art , Libera's promoters in Taiwan, missed very few marketing opportunities—balloons,
gift bags, folders, posters, program/booklets, mugs, T-shirts, etc.! Lauren from 
the Mini-Angelssite, whose  excellent coverage of the 2013 tour was appreciated by many,
brought a sampling of these items home to her daughter and co-site manager Lexi, who provided
photos of them, including this bit of exotica. 

iPhone cover (photo by Artemis Art)

The LiberaOfficial website was unusually quick off the mark in providing 56 tour photos in their
"Gallery" Section, at Some fine examples below included Ben  
Fairman speaking onstage,  and singer-turned-staff-member Jonathan Barrington  adjusting Isaac
London's microphone, as Lucas Wood, Matthew Jansen (face hidden) and  Eoghan 
McCarthy wait their turn. 

Boys in Taiwan: Ben Fairman, Bertie Smart, Cassius O' Connell-White
Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Jude Collins, Isaac London, Ciaran
Bradbury-Hickey, Lucas Wood

Carlos Rodrigues Villegas tries a Paiwan nose flute.

An excellent way to go through this gallery is to watch the slideshow accompanying a lively
pre-Guildford interview, by Radio Surrey’s Graham Deane, with Ben Fairman and Michael 
Ustynovich-Repa (here called Michael Repa) along with Robert Prizeman. A "no-frills" 
version of the interview, made available by another fan, allowed listeners to hear he boys voices 
more clearly. A  mention of the boys' school was clearly edited out of the first version to avoid the 
danger of  stalking. Asian Tour slideshow with BBC Interview
by Graham Deane on Radio Surrey, with Robert  Prizeman, Ben Fairman, and Michael 
Ustynovych-Repa/May 2013) Surrey inter-
view without slideshow  or background music and with “Sanctus” performed at end)


Guildford Cathedral (Photo byYumiko

Libera boys troop through the cathedral precincts at Guildford on their way to the concert. (photo by James)

Libera's Guildford Cathedral concert was held on the evening of May 11 th 
attracting an  audience of over 700 people.  41 singers appeared, including “old 
favorites” Liam Connery,  Daniel Fontannaz and Ralph Skan, along with ten new boys. The 
singers  marked with asterisks  p erformed with the group during its presentation of the Mozart 
Requiem at  St. Philip's Church,  but had not otherwise toured or performed until now. With the 
presence  onstage of the Collins boys, the event marked the first time three brothers from the 
same family had performed in an  official Libera concert.

James Philip, of the London in Lovewebsite, provided an excellent collection of photos.

The boys onstage, with Ralph Skan, Liam Connery and Daniel Fontannaz in back row center. (James Philip)

The boys singing were:

1.   Marc Alvares
2.   Shay Balsekar - new
3.   Henry Barrington
4.   Anthony Blake
5.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
6.   Gabriel Collins - new
7.   Jude Collins
8.   Luke Collins
9.   Liam Connery
10. Kavana Crossley
11. Thomas Delgado-Little
12. Dylan Duffy
13. Benjamin Fairman
14. Daniel Fontannaz
15. Alexander Gula - new
16. Matthew Jansen
17. Anthony Kerr-Munley
18. Timothy Lee - new
19. Isaac London
20. Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti
21. Matthew Madine
22. Eoghan McCarthy
23. Oscar McFall
24. James Menezes - new
25. Michael Menezes
26. Alexander Montoro*
27. Kuba Niedermaier-Reed
28. Cassius O'Connell-White
29. Matthew Rangel-Alvares
30. Carlos Rodriguez
31. Philip Russ - new
32. Eoin Sherry - new
33. Ralph Skan
34. Bertie Smart
35. Camden Stewart*
36. Rocco Tesei - new
37. Jamie Trinder - new
38. Mark Ustynovych-Repa - new
39. Michael Ustynovych-Repa
40. Sam Wiggin
41. Lucas Wood 

The photo below is by Benedict .

Keyboards - Steven Geraghty, Josh Madine
Clarinet & Recorder - Steven Geraghty
Percussion - Simon Roth
Strings - The Kinetic Strings
Lighting - Luke Avery
Sound Mixing & Production - Sam Coates
Stage Management - Simon Lewis
Chaperones - Barbara Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis
Concert Management - Steven Philipp, David Stephens, Andrew Winter      

(Above) Libera: The Next Generation.  Robert Prizeman escorts
some of the newest choristers through the Guildford Cathedral Grounds (James Philip photo)
Note that some of the boys are wearing their jackets backwards.

Nine-year-old Lucas Wood performed his first onstage solos on "Eternal Light" and 
"Mysterium," the second along with the excellent Dylan Duffy. Sam Wiggin soloed for the first
time in "Ave Verum." "Mysterium" was begun effectively with the lower voices chanting the
plainsong "Kyrie Eleison."

According to a report on the Mini-Angels site, most of the songs were sung by the 26 boys who
had gone on the recent Asia Tour, with the addition of  Ralph Skan, Liam Connery, and Daniel
Fontannaz in the center back row. The ten new boys sang on “Gloria,” “Eternal Light,” “Stay With 
Me,” “Glory To Thee,” “Exultate,” and “Libera.” 

A new song, entitled “I'm Dreaming of Home,” (see below) was added with Thomas Delgado-
Little singing a solo part. 

The cathedral organization built a raised stage to fit the 41 boys, with the musicians in front, 
and Robert Prizeman conducting, unusually,from the front center, probably for the benefit of 
the newer boys.

(Photo by Patrick)    
Keyboard accompanists Steven Geraghty (L) and Josh Madine

Song List (names in Parentheses indicate soloists:

1.   Dies Irae  - (Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey)
2.   Gloria
3.   Song of Life - (Isaac London)
4.   Voca Me - ( Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Thomas Delgado-Little)
5.   Sanctus
6.   I Vow To Thee My Country - (Matthew Jansen, Dylan Duffy, Thomas Delgado-Little)
7.   Salva Me - (Michael Ustynovych-Repa)
8.   Eternal Light  - (Lucas Wood, Dylan Duffy)
9.   I'm Dreaming of Home - ( Thomas Delgado-Little)
10. How Shall I Sing That Majesty  -(Jude Collins, Lucas Wood, Thomas Delgado-Little)

- Interval -

11. Mysterium - Sam Wiggin, Lucas Wood)
12. Orinoco Flow
13. Far Away - (Isaac London,  Thomas Delgado-Little)
14. The Fountain - (Matthew Jansen,  Thomas Delgado-Little)
15. Grateful Heart - (Michael Ustynovych-Reps,  Thomas Delgado-Little)
16. Ave Verum - (Sam Wiggin)
17. How Can I Keep From Singing
18. Stay With Me - (Cassius O' Connell-White)
19. Glory To Thee - (Eoghan McCarthy
20. Exultate - ( Thomas Delgado-Little)

Encore - Libera _(Eoghan McCarthy, Dylan Duffy   

For those unfamiliar with the lovely and touching "I'm Dreaming of Home," here is a version
from the soundtrack of a film called Joyeux Nöel. According to concertgoers, the Libera arrange-
ment is very much like this version, with the solo descant sung by Thomas Delgado-Little. The 
song was apparently suggested by one of the boys' mothers. Dreaming of Home [Hymne des Fraternises] - Joyeaux Noel   
soundtrack/ solo by Thomas Delgado-Little) 

Other fans submitted early comments:

by john45 » Sun May 12, 2013 1:12 am  
From the outside, Guildford Cathedral, which dominates a hill outside the once pretty town of 
Guildford, has got to be one of the ugliest buildings in England. Massive, square, featureless,
red-brick, thirties style ugliness. Inside, it's quite a different story, much more like a traditional
English Cathedral with high vaulted ceiling, elegant columns and beautiful windows. Add the 
wonderful sound and spectacle of Libera performing on an imaginatively lit elevated stage and
it becomes magical.

Photo by Yumiko)

The orchestra (string quartet, percussion, keyboards, piano) were in front of the stage but did 
not obscure it. Neither did RP who conducted from the centre rather than his usual position to 
one side.

I would rate the concert as one of the very best that I have attended. Libera has certainly 
entered a new Golden Age, and last night we were treated to even more new soloists. Lucas 
Wood gave a flawless rendition of "Eternal Light". His voice is very strong and clear, which 
was even more evident in “Mysterium,” in which he and Dylan gave a performance that easily 
matched those by any of the former masters of this piece. The introduction by the deeper voices
and the superb lighting added further "mystery" to the work. Sam Wiggin sang the English
verses of “Ave Verum” beautifully and with great confidence, in a warm, expressive voice. I had
spotted his contributions at the Taiwan concerts. At one of the autograph sessions I had asked 
him if he might be due for a solo soon. "I hope so" was his modest answer.—John

Libera Crazy

Lucas Wood and DylanDuffy are truly worthy successors to Ralph and Stefan on this difficult 
and exposed song ("Mysterium." All the rest was sung in unison, the deep harmonies sung by 
the others, the slow motions of the white hooded silhouettes bathed in purple-blue light, 
definitively one of the highlights of tonight's concert.—Patrick

Libera Historical Footnote: Mysterious "Mysterium." 

For those who have never seen nor heard the eerily effective  "Mysterium," here is an equally eerie 

videotape, made in St. John's Church, Norwich on two separate occasions, with footage from an odd
and unsettling church procession of some sort thrown in. One of the mysteries is who's singing
what. The 2005 footage of a very small Tom Cully (2001-2010) seems to be accompanied by the
lovely voice of Adam Harris (1996-2000), who made the only known recording of "Mysterium" in 1999
for the first Libera CD. Harris was one of the soloists who began with the group called Angel Voices 
(which existed from 1987 to 1998, and became Libera in 1999, both under the direction of 
Robert Prizeman). Harris ended as a Libera singer, and argument about which parts he's singing 
in this video have gone on for years. It's fairly certain that Ben Crawley's voice accompanies the
2002 video, which appears second. (Mysterium/2002 and 2005/  soloists: Adam 
Harris, Tom Cully, Ben Crawley) 

End of Mysterious Mysterium
Many of the images above were taken from James Philip's video below: about the 2013 Guildford concert by James Philip) 

Another enthusiastic follower of Libera, Johan, fom the Netherlands, provided a review that helped

readers visualize the actual action and movement of the concert. Some highlights:

• Not mentioned in the program but seen were [former Libera singers] Ben Crawley and Tiarnan 
Branson helping with stage management. The setup was different than usual, in that the musicians 
were sitting  in front of the podium on which the boys stood. Robert Prizeman directed from in the middle in  

• The mini-boys were seated in two groups of five to either side of the podium. The choir came
onto the podium from far behind in two files.

• During the whole concert, the three big boys (Liam Connery, Ralph Skan, and Daniel Fontannaz)
stayed in the back row, but with two little ones in front of them and almost invisible behind the 
Main line of singers. They were Camden Stewart and Alex Montoro, who seemed to be somewhere between
mini-boys and official Liberans and remained separate from both groups.

 Unknown mini-boy and Camden Stewart (Photo by James)

•Towards the end [of the first song] the mini-boys joined the group in order to participate in the 
next song, “Gloria,” which continued the preceding “Dies irae.”

• The first speech, by Ben Fairman, Cassius O’ Connell-White, and Isaac London, informed 
us of the presence of 41 members of the choir.

• Isaac London did the solo for “Song of Life,” and Steven Geraghty played the piano part. 
Isaac does not have the power and flexibility of voice yet that Ralph Skan had, but he will grow.

• “Voca Me” was very nicely done, especially with the high notes of Thomas Delgado-Little, 
who was here the only one with his hood up.

• [A speech by]  Cassius O’ Connell-White and Michael Ustynovych-Repa informed us of 
what and how they had to practice and learn, and introduced us to [the group’s mascot] Moose.

• Matthew Jansen, Dylan Duffy and Thomas led the way in “I Vow to Thee My Country. 
Especially Matthew shone; what a voice! 

For “Salva Me," All the boys had their hoods up, except Michael Ustynovych- Repa, who did 
the higher notes from behind (though not as far behind though as Matthew Rangel-Alvares 
used to stand).

• “Eternal Light” had a surprise for me, the soloist being Lucas Wood. And very well he did it, 
impressive, a promise for the future. He was partly supported by Dylan Duffy.

• Jude Collins did the introductions of the participants, from the mini-boys to Robert Prizeman.

• There was a surprise, a new song: “I’m Dreaming of Home,” a lovely song based on a 
French original and with a small but very high solo by Thomas Delgado-Little.

• “How Shall I Sing That Majesty” included the mini-boys. Matthew Jansen, Jude Collins and 
Lucas Wood started from in front, supported by Thomas Delgado-Little for the very high notes. 

• “As usual, Mysterium” started mysteriously in the dark, with some low voices for the first 

, Other contributions were from Sam Wiggin and especially Lucas Wood. This song 
overflowed into “Orinoco Flow,” with adapted choreography because of the large number of 

• “The Fountain” was better than I have heard before. Josh Madine was on the piano and 
Matthew Jansen and Thomas Delgado-Little did the solos. Matthew was especially
impressive with both the low and high parts.

•“Ave Verum” was sort of in two parts. The first part saw Sam Wiggin as soloist, after which 
the well known V-formation was formed with Luke in front.. Some of the older boys stayed 
behind [presumably Liam Connery, Ralph Skan, and Daniel Fontannaz]. 

Sam Wiggin

• Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey informed us about the difficult technicalities of singing and made 
the choir demonstrate some exercises that were partly in English, partly in Latin and partly in 
no language at all.

• The words and melody to “How Can I Keep From Singing.” were the same as before, but I 
was under the impression that the music had a new arrangement with an important part for 
Josh Madine on the keyboard.

• The mini-boys joined again for “Stay With Me.” Cassius O’ Connell-White had a small solo 
towards the end.

• For those that thought Eoghan McCarthy was out of the running, here he was with a 
beautiful “Glory to Thee,” which also included the mini-boys.

• Ben Fairman announced the last song, “Exultate.”with  a solo by Thomas Delgado-Little.  
 This was followed by “Libera” as encore, with Eoghan McCarthy and Dylan Duffy soloing..

A fantastic end to a fantastic concert.—Johan

Other fans contributed brief comments and different perspectives:

by Choirfan » Tue May 14, 2013 2:31 pm

Another mesmerising performance by Libera which can be summed up for me in two 
words: “Voca Me.” Absolutely outstanding performance of this on the night, and worth the 30 pounds ticket 
price alone IMHO. Thomas Delgado-Little just soars flawlessly on this one.

(For newer Libera fans unfamiliar with the dark and mysterious "Voca Me," here is the  
2004 video version, with Joe Platt (c.2001-2006)  singing the part sung in 2013 by Thomas  
Delgado -Little, and  Anthony Chadney (c. 1999-2004) and Chris Robson (c. 1998-2004)  
singing the  verses sung nine years later by Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey. More on this recording 
can be  found in Part One of this Timeline [link at end].) (Voca Me/2004/solos by Anthony Chadney/Chris
Robson/descant by Joe Platt)

As others  have mentioned, it was really great to see some of the newer boys getting solos for the 
first time and some other boys (Like Michael Ustynovych-Repa) getting more responsibil-
ity in some of the higher parts of the songs (such as “Salva Me”). Was a little sad to see 
“Be Still My Soul” dropped from the list as this was one of my favourites,but i understand 
they have to try out new things and not just stick to the same old setlist. Great to see such a 
big crowd there and they were very enthusiastic with even a few  whoops and whistles at the 
end of some songs, and a well-deserved standing ovation at 

the end. Just as i and my companion were heading back to the car some of the boys 
were coming out of the refectory area and (presumably) being collected by parents and 

guardians (no bus this time) So there was just a little chance to give them a little wave 

and praise for such an excellent show.

I always liken a Libera concert to an other-worldly experience. For me, it is two hours of 

pure heavenly, endorphin-producing bliss. If i were to take drugs, i think it might feel a 

little like being at a Libera concert. Here's to the next one in the autumn.

by john45 » Thu May 16, 2013 1:33 pm

Don't know where this really belongs, but it was the Guildford concert that prompted 

this thought. I have always been intrigued by a conductor's role in concerts. I can 

understand the role in the rehearsal stages but when the orchestra or choir have "got it" 
does he/she really have much more to offer on the performance night?

Watching RP last Saturday I think I may have my answer. While some conductors use a 
baton, others a single finger, Robert Prizeman uses his whole hands, and what expressive 
hands they are.

If you can remember, before entering into what is now becoming an illustrious solo career, 
Matthew Jansen was well known for staring into the heavens as he sang. Not so as a 
soloist. On Saturday, the connection between the singer (MJ) and the conductor (RP) was 
uncanny. RP's hands seemed to weave a magic that was the clear focus of MJ's attention 
- and I believe that the intangible connection between them materially contributed to 
producing such outstanding performances of both " I Vow to Thee ..." and "The Fountain".
Thanks MJ. Thanks RP.



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Largest Libera Facebook Group


Fan blog with profiles of Libera Members  

British Fansite

Blog with the history of Libera 1981-present 

Libera (Singapore):

Song of Libera:  
(run by Zayne and Nobita from Singapore 

Libera's Site for the  BCSD, which is a great information and research tool

Information site

Blog by orangecat (Philippines)


Official Libera page on Wikipedia

Other Blogs in English From Around the World (Many include links to translations into other languages.)


Blog by Dennis  (Scandinavia)

Blog by cayleb101, who also posts excellent videos

Blogby Yuki (Japan)

Blog by Inna (S. Korea)

Blog by Liv (USA)

Blog by music4 (USA)

 music4's information on Libera members

Blog on the history of Libera (1981-present)  byAmie H. (USA)

 Blog/database of Libera information/videos/photos etc. going back to 1982

Blog by Michael (UK) 

Blog by Enyu (South Korea

Blog by a fan group from the Philippines)

Blog by Zoe (Philippines)

Blog by Yuni (Indonesia)

Blog by Charmaine (Malaysia)

Blog by Lexi und Lauren (USA)

Blog by emma (USA)

Blog by   Liberaholic (USA)

Blog by Rebecca (USA)
 Libera Video Sites


Official Libera YouTube Video Channel
YouTube Channel by TygrHawk (USA)
YouTube Channel by Yuki  (Japan)
YouTube Channel by  Rebecca (USA)
YouTube Channel by  LiberaUSA (USA)
YouTube Channel by   Paulmartin47 (Spain)
Youtube-Channel by LiberaFansGermany
Alternate Official Libera YouTube Channel 
YouTube Channel by Inna (Korea/USA)
YouTube Channel by JimmyRiddle (USA)
YouTube Channel by  Murkskis  (Lettland)
YouTube-Channel by PinoyLiberian (Philippines)
YouTube Channel by several UK Fans 
YouTube Channel by cayleb101 (USA)
YouTube-Channel by choiretto
YouTube Channel by Lexi (USA)
YouTube Channel by iloveLibera 
YouTube Channel by Le Furby Libéré (France)
YouTube Channel by  libefan (Spain)
YouTube Channel by Libera Fans UK
YouTube Channel for Libera360
YouTube Channel by LiberaFan4Ever (UK)
Youtube-Channel by   liberafraters
YouTube Channel  by LiberaWish
YouTube Channel by Liberic1 (France)
YouTube Channel by liberlu1
YouTube Channel by  MrJoesnelling (Canada)
YouTube Channel by psychestef
YouTube Channel by Snelling06
YouTube Channel by symphonica7
YouTube Channel by TheDearlibera (Taiwan)

 International ( Non-English-Language) Libera  Sites


Blog by necook (Japan)
Blog by junialee (South Korea)
(S. Korea)
Fansite (France)
Forum  (China)
Blog   (Mexico)
Fangroup  (Russia)
Fangroup (Japan)
Forum Holland)
Forum (France)
Blog     (Japan)
Blog by Liberaddict (France)
Blog     (Japan)
Blog by miho (Japan)
Blog by sacura2506  (Japan)

8. Libera – Libera Members' or Member-Based Sites

Ben Philipp f ansite by music4 
Ben See (Ben Crawley's)  YouTube Channel 
Ben Philipp's  YouTube Channel 
Josh Madine f ansite by music4 
Videos by Sam Leggett, Jonathan Barrington, Josh Madine, Alex Leggett and Liam Connery 
Fansite dedicated to Tom Cully

ODDs & ENDS  (Radio Interview with James Mordaunt and Daniel Fontannaz/ITV Inspirational Breakfast Radio)  (2010 Holiday video by French fan Dikoy/features several generations of Libera, atmospheric animation)  (extended 2010 fan video by Japanese fan Snowy0155/includes Japanese, Korean, US and UK tour footage and stills)